Custom Inlays

This is what truly sets your DD Banjo apart from the rest.  We desire to have your new banjo speak of what’s important in your life. There are many materials and items that can be inlaid. Some work better in the neck while others wouldn’t hold up well after hours of play. The most meaningful and memorable inlays have been items supplied by the customers…Lifetime NRA pins, tie tacks, and silver coins. There are the natural materials like Mother of pearl (in white, gold, black and other shades), abalone Ivory, semi-precious stones, and metals like brass, copper, silver, and German silver.  There is also an abundance of manmade materials that are suitable for banjo inlays, such as Corian (and other solid surface materials), Ablam TM (Abalone made into sheets), and laminates for specific colors. There are an amazing amount of options.  We can discuss what will achieve the look you want.