Only one to show for now. This one is made from a two gallon oil can from the farm I grew up on. I remember the spot in the workshop where it sat. This has the first dowel stick I’ve made. Curly maple and tapered even though it can’t be seen. The neck is one that was roughed out and given to me. Still want to carve a heart on the peghead, but it’s together and plays.

I have plans for several more. A ¾ size resonator with an 8” full tone ring (since I sandcast and pour whatever size I want).  A resonator with a PA wild turkey theme, with maybe 12-gauge shotgun shell ends on the 12th...reduced in size of course.  A mountain banjo with Fishman magnetic pickup.  I'm also contemplating trying fiber optic position markers for those late nights around the campfire.  Check back for updates!