Make It Your Own


This is the fun part of this process. The goal here is to create a banjo that makes you smile every time you lift it out of the case. There are some customization decisions that will be narrowed due to your style and sound preference selections, while other customization decisions are wide open. Have fun with it! As you start searching for specifics, you’ll discover things in unexpected places that will help you guide the finished project. Take photos of colors, details on other banjos, and inlay ideas to convey the “total picture” of what you want in your banjo. We can have hand painted items done by several local artists on the pegheads, inside and outsides for the resonator, and even in reverse on the inside of the clear head. Laser engraving will be a future option available to allow customization on the different wooden parts as well as on the inside of the head.  Speaking of heads, what ideas have been "Rolling On" inside your head?